"Thank you so much for all your kind words and support! It means a lot to us to hear from you and find out if our education has impacted your lives or your staff morale! We live to share, educate and inspire and it means nothing with out all of you" - Woody & Amy

We had the best class with the 2 of you. Our entire team found the class so inspiring and motivational. Everything you talked about was so helpful. You guys came at the perfect time, it's just what we needed to get focused again. Retail sales have improved over the last few weeks! I hear them tell their clients about the 2 of you and about the class. We would love to have you both come again in the future! The class definitely had a positive impact on the stylists. 

Bei Capelli - Portland Maine

Please keep me in mind if you need any help for any upcoming event. I would love to be a part of your team anytime. Thank you so much, You guys are my inspiration!

Stylist - Florida

I met Woody Michleb and Amy Michleb at the Intercoiffure America Canada Fall Atelier in 2007 as they were performing onstage at the event. We were struck immediately with their unique talent and way of communicating their skill to the audience.  As we have our own training program and value advance education in the salon, bringing experts like Woody and Amy into train our staff is essential to growing our business and educating our staff to be able to service our high-end clientele at the level they expect. Allowing our staff to spend time face to face with Woody and Amy has helped them advance their skill in cutting and coloring.


Bowie Salon and Spa - Seattle, WA

In my experience, I have seldom met anyone as well versed, committed, talented and passionate about elevating beauty as Woody Michleb. I first met Woody as a guest artist at an industry show and was overly impressed with his presentation skills. They rival that of a university professor mixed with contagious enthusiasm that’s hard to resist. 

                                                    Salon Visage - Knoxville, TN


became aware of their expertise by attending International beauty shows and seeing them demonstrate onstage in front of thousands of cosmetologists.Their reputation is what attracted me to their shows at many International Trade Shows. I had the pleasure of working directly with them  during numerous advanced education classes in hairstyling and haircolor. Woody and Amy have conducted and facilitated continuing education focusing on hairstyling and haircolor for over 800 licensed cosmetologists in the MarioTricoci company. They provide a level of expertise that very few beauty professionals have in the beauty industry. They help improve the level of service our technicians provide to our customers. I will continue to use their services and expertise in the future.

COO - Mario Tricoci, Chicago, IL

I want to thank you again for all you have shared with me personally and the whole red door group.  You have been an inspiration in ways I may never be able to express.  The path has been long and winding but the have been surprises at every turn.
It's difficult to believe that a couple such as you, who have been in the public eye for so many years, have managed to hold on to gentleness, goodness and integrity.  Success and notoriety have not jaded you in any way.  You are real and accessible, loving, nurturing and open to sharing you ideas and thoughts and hearts.  Thank you for coming into my                                                                 life.  Sending you all my love. Stylist - New York

[Woody and Amy's] skills and expertise as Sages, Judges and General Commissionaires for our competitions has been invaluable to making the [Hairapalooza] events run successfully. They judge, sage and support the live Men’s Cutting, Ladies Senior Cutting and New Talent Cutting competitions. Both their academic achievements combined with the recognition they receive from fellow hairdressers for their talent has helped the respect for our event grow year after year. Over the years I have also seen Woody and Amy at trade shows and other education forums, such as the ABA (Allied Beauty Association) cosmetology shows in Canada where they always are busy educating Canada’s hairdressers, and I see that they share common beliefs and values to education as Schwarzkopf Professional does. 

National Director Sales - Schwarzkopf Professional Canada

I want to take a moment and say THANK YOU!!!!!

My team is so fired up from summit.

We already several days of training scheduled.

They are so excited to hit the ground running and

Share all their newly acquired knowledge not only with their

Own team, but the entire spa team!!!

I can’t wait to sit in on the trainings and learn as well.

Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and inspiration!!!!!!

Manager - FL


Thank you for everything!!  Our trainers came back from the Summit on fire.  We have so much building to do in our hair department in our location and everything you do helps.

Manager - IL


Amy, yours and Woody's support means the world to me and I am so proud to be a part of your tribe! :) I will keep pushing towards my goals with everything I have until I achieve them and I hope that down the road I will be able to pay it forward and provide others with the wisdom and guidance that you both have been so kind to give and continue giving to me :)

Stylist - AZ



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to take the workshop instructed by Woody and Amy. The dynamic duo offered a wealth of information that won't only help me as a hair designer, but as a future leader as well. They touched on several topics such as "working together as a tribe", " how to stay busy", " professional appearance", "the importance of carrying business cards", "the importance of using the power of words" and many other subjects. I feel very privileged to have met a pair of individuals who care deeply about my success with Red Door. - Stylist - DC



I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your visit this week.  My Trainers are inspired, My Tribe is inspired, and I am inspired!!  The event last night was so amazing, the transformations you performed on the models was magnificent!!  It is truly a pleasure and an honor to watch you two work.  I watched the faces in the crowd last night, and you had them all at…QUIKKIE!  J

I hope you have a safe trip home and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back soon! - Manager - IL

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