Beauty Industry Consulting


Why a Consultant?

When faced with a daunting industry of large corporations who have all the money to spend on education, marketing, sales and operational projects, we can help your brand stand out and focus on clear goals that match your resources. 

We will help you work out what is the best course of action for your brand, and put plans in place with your team to implement that plan.  


Why Us?

With 43 years of industry experience between us, we have a library of information ready and waiting for you to use within your own business!

As passionate hairdressers, corporate directors, educators and former salon chain owners, we have grown much knowledge over the years of many areas of the beauty industry. We have worked with many brands, from small businesses starting up, to international companies looking to get to the next level.


Product names and descriptions

Brand Concepts,

Stories and Messages

Independent Competitive Studies

Product testing, R&D and Evaluation

International Brands launching in the US

US brands launching Internationally

12 month planning of initiatives

Training corporate team members

Educational structure including:

Set up education programs/curriculum

Education packages - turn key systems

Training of education team

Sourcing education team

Class descriptions and class flows

Seasonal/On Trend education classes

How-to guides/Technique guides

Field education management set up

Contracts and processes for educators

Salon Management,

Chain Expansion

Marketing programs/Initiatives

Copy reading manuals and text

Editing and improving on current content

Assisting to implement current structures

Creating PR and Event 



Not sure what is the next steps for you, or if a consultant is the right choice?

Have a no commitment consultation with us to look at your business needs, assess the options you have available to you, and identify the key areas of need for your projects.

We will work out the main goals and timelines with you as well as fees upfront so that we can get off to a great start together!

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