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Amy Michleb has a career of many faces. Currently she is recovering from an auto immune disorder Guillian Barre Syndrome, and has taken time out to refocus her future and work on improving her health. Prognosis of the syndrome is positive with recovery expected within two years of diagnosis. She supports behind the scenes the family businesses and has started writing a blog.


She at only 31 years old she was hired to turn around the Global Education Department for Keratin Complex, overseeing field education, the creation of new courses and class formats, International training, online certifications and professional support, product development and innovation development, as well as quick guides, training manuals and techniques. She left this prestigious position due to being admitted to hosiptal. 


Previously she was the position of National Director of Hair Color for Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa, where she was in charge of the education and innovation for all their hairstylists nationwide. She was the lead contact for all their hair related vendor relationships and her role, among many things, is to both empower the Red Door Salons to be knowledgeable, innovative and inspired in their careers.


She started her career in modeling in her home country, and one of the world’s fashion Mecca’s - London. “I knew from a young age that I was not cut out for a 9-5! I loved working on photo shoots and film sets, the unexpected always intrigued me, I didn’t know what I was going to do each week, or who I was going to meet!”


“I love the strong team Woody and I make, sometimes we are so involved we drive each other crazy and take on too much work, but it’s the nature of not only our fast paced industry, but its in our blood and you can’t change us if you tried!”


At such a young age she is very active in the hair world. She sat on the new members comittee and lled the Cutting Council for the prestigious organization; Intercoiffure America Canada, hosted Season 1 of Global Beauty Masters on Discovery TV Network, and is a Guest host for, an online platform connecting Beauty Professionals worldwide. Over the years she has graced the stages of some of the best manufacturers, including Farouk Systems &  Wella Professionals, she also headlines main stages along with her husband Woody Michleb across the Globe.


She has worked on the sets of major manufacturer photo shoots, creating and designing their marketing campaigns, market positioning and collection styles, as well as coordinating and executing their photo shoots and events.


Her calm composure helped Amy as she faced one of her biggest challenges, being one of the final 12 contestants on Bravo’s Shear Genius Season 3! She placed a competitive 5th place in the Reality TV series.


She is not shy from the camera however! As a Guest Host on SalonGalaxy she is used to working on the fly! “On Salon Galaxy I get to interview people that not only I am friends with, but that I have a deep respect for. I love being around the shows and events, and getting to speak for all the hairdressers out there, asking their questions to some of our industry’s icons, or just inspiring people I meet.”


Amy’s editorial work has been published in hundreds of magazines worldwide, from her Hairdressing, to her Make Up, Fashion Styling and Co-ordination, she can claim numerous front covers and spreads. As a platform artist, competitor and educator she has performed in hair presentations across the globe for audiences from 10 people all the way up to 5000! “I love to travel, and I believe my most valued possession is my passport with all my stamps being each an achievement of what I have accomplished. I have been fortunate to have seen almost every continent, and experienced so many cultures.”


In less than 13 years in the industry she has traveled to perform and style hair in countries such as Colombia, Carribean, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Italy, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Trinidad. What was her favourite so far? "We performed for 12,000 hairdressers in Colombia, it was our largest audience yet and the largest stage too!" 


Aside from all the paperwork that goes along with helping companies build their education, she loves running around styling hair backstage at runway shows, inspiring with seminars and presentations, working magic on photo shoot sets, coiffing the hair of top beauty editors, and everything in between. She was named one of North Americas Top 10 Platform Artists alongside her husband and stage partner Woody Michleb. Her seminars and classes are a must see in education and inspiration for all levels of stylist and her love for the industry shines through while she is teaching.


Woody Michleb

With 30 years in the beauty industry, Woody Michleb is a is a renowned platform artist and educator, and respected leader in hairdressing, he has a salons in Canada, and he also has a product line, "By Woody Michleb" & "Switch Product"


He has served as Global Artistic Director for Farouk Systems and Keratin Complex, as well as the Creative Director for Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa.


While he was  the Creative Director for Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa, he also held the title as National Director for Hair Style. His role included deciding the direction of the image and trends for the company, as well as being the face of the company to the media, providing creative direction for the teams participating in Fashion Week and other events.


He works closely with both consumer and trade media to predict and provide tips on new innovations and trends, as well as consults with Fashion designers to design the beauty side of their looks. In his role as the National Director he was in charge of the inspiration, education and innovation for all their hairstylists nationwide. In early 2014 he launched the new trends for Red Door Spa to the media, and this included training videos and how–to’s to help elevate and inspire the hairdressers around the country at all the Red Door Spas.


He currently holds the title for the youngest judge to receive the Lifetime Achievement award from Hair Arts and Sciences for his dedication and commitment to Canadian Competitions. He has judged for the OMC, as well as many local and international championships. He has also competed and taken Gold Medals and Championship Titles in some of the worlds’ most prestigious competitions such as Americas Open Cup and the European Open Cup.


Competition work is very dear to him, but as his knowledge in the industry progressed, so did education. “I feel very strongly about education, that is why I have always taken on apprentices in the salon and I ran run classes frequently. This education led me to platform work, and seminar speaking. We are in the process of launching an education program for salons to enable and empower hairdressers to improve their skils and make the indusrty standards remain at the highest level."


During his time with Farouk Systems he conducted all their images and photo shoots for marketing when they launched their CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Hair Color and CHI Infra High Lift Color Lines. The success of these pictures and his continuing success and integrity in education earned him the position of Global Artistic Director for the Farouk Systems Family of Companies, CHI and Biosilk until he left the company in 2008.


He serves on the board of directors for Intercoiffure America Canada, one of the world’s most elite hairdressing organisations. He served as the Director of International Qualification and the Head Judge for Global Beauty Masters, a beauty related reality show on Discovery Network and TLC.


Along with Amy he runs hands on seminars, runway extravaganzas and even student-focused classes. Their seasons have included many different class formats, always innovating and freshening their image, including their Tour De France – showcasing Blondes – the Woody and Amy Magic Show – showcasing Avant Garde creations – the Rhythm of the Hair – featuring up-styles and runway styling and their Contradiction Collection. Their Archi-texture collection was presented in the US and Internationally. They also ran the successful “The Art of being a Platform Artist” program – helping aspiring educators and industry talent to take the next step into becoming industry-recognised leaders.


His work is published in magazines, online media and on television globally, inspiring artists and stylists worldwide on the latest trends and techniques. His passion has also led him to study many areas of the business and he is versed in Hairstyling, Make Up, Fashion Styling, Photography, Graphic Design, Event Co-Ordination and Distribution


Named in the Top 10 Platform Artists in North America, he is one of our industry’s most recognised talents and a pleasure to watch and learn from.


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